D-Flexicon Compression Protection Shirt

Zoombang Youth Compression Padded Shirt
  • Item #: ZBYS1
  • Manufacturer: Rawlings

The D-Flexicon Compression Protection Shirt is based on a unique energy dissipating material called Zoombang Polymer. These padded shirts provide the wearer with a layer of conformal cushioning and support, yet react to help dissipate energy when an impact is applied. Zoombang Polymer is a new visco-elastic polymer that is a soft, pliable liquid at rest. However, when a sudden shear force, such as shock, is applied the material immediately changes physical characteristics and stiffens to dissipate the energy. Once the force has passed, the material transforms into its original conformal cushioning state.

  • Protective youth undershirt
  • Compression fit
  • Protective foam to disperse impact
  • Machine washable
  • Youth sizes: S - 2XL
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Price $29.99