Rawlings 2014 Mach2 - 10 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2014 Mach2 - 10 Big Barrel Baseball Bat
  • Item #: SLRMC

Available Sizes: 28/18, 29/19, 30/20, 31/21, 32/22

Drop: -10 Senior League
Barrel: 2 5/8"
Material: RAWLINGS MACH 2™ 2 piece technology with increased barrel flex and 12% more composite fibers.
Certification: Approved for USSSA®, Dixie League®, BPA®, Diz Dean®, and all other associations that allow 2 5/8” barrels with 1.15 BPF with ABI standard


Introducing Rawlings’ revolutionary Consistent Composite Compaction Technology. The ultimate compaction process designed to improve the mechanical properties within the bat’s fiber laminate itself, resulting in maximum durability and peak performance. By incorporating this secondary compaction process,Rawlings is able to improve the consistency of the composite laminate thus eliminating any voids, dry fiber or fiber wrinkles and strengthening the bat to perform hit after hit.

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Price $299.95